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Manufacturing Turnaround

There are almost countless reasons a manufacturer may be faced with a turnaround situation. Some include:

  1. Competitive pressure from low cost countries.
  2. Unexpected business growth placing a strain on people and processes.
  3. Customer demands to achieve year-over-year price and productivity savings.
  4. Private equity firm interested in improving cash flow at an acquired company.

Due to the urgency and risk involved in developing a flawless recovery plan, choosing the right support can make the difference between failure and success. Our expertise resides in manufacturing operations.

When examining a turnaround situation, Gembutsu aims to first understand the current state of affairs on the shop floor, where profits (and costs) are generated. From this departure point, the analysis can be expanded to the rest of the company.

Gembutsu has developed and implemented successful turnaround plans for companies from a wide range of industries. Our turnaround consultants are experienced managers from privately held and publicly traded fortune 500 companies. They have experience in executing operational plans that have built world-class operations.

Contact us to determine the positive impact Gembutsu consultants can have on your company’s long-term profitability.

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