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Lean Manufacturing Training

Gembutsu’s training curriculum is compromised of a series of customized modules, each covering specific areas of Lean Manufacturing as required by a client’s individual operational requirements.

The program is designed so that between training days, the organization has the necessary information and allocated time to put the concepts covered in the classroom into practical application. After all, it is only through actual shop floor implementation that any investment in training will provide tangible returns.

Gembutsu takes a hands-on approach towards training. Whenever practical, we are eager to take students beyond the classroom to their own shop floor in order to show how textbook theories apply to each company’s specific circumstances.

The major objectives of our training include:

• Learn the underlying philosophy of the Toyota Production System, as well as develop an understanding of which Lean tools to apply to a particular production challenge.

• Discover how to look at ones own shop floor in terms of lead-time reduction, waste elimination and material flow.

• Learn the importance of continuous improvement (kaizen), including how to complete kaizen workshops.

• Become a Lean Manager: develop an understanding of how to manage people in a Lean environment in order to sustain improvements in production methods.

• Develop a long-term strategic implementation plan.

Program Components
Below is a list of our Lean training curriculum for manufactures.

General Courses:

1. Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
2. Value Stream Mapping
3. 5S and the Visual Workplace
4. Developing and Leading Workgroups in a Lean environment
5. Standard Work and Line Balancing
6. Material Flow and Pull Systems
7. Cellular Manufacturing and Leveling (incl. cell design and analysis)
8. Setup Reduction (SMED) and Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)
9. How to Plan and Lead continuous improvement (kaizen) activities

Advanced Courses:

1. Material Handling and Call Systems for Lean Manufacturing
2. Error Proofing (Poke-Yoke)
3. Accounting and Measurement for Lean
4. Production Preparation Process (3P)
5. Lean in the office
6. Integrating Lean with Six Sigma
7. Training Length and Duration

Depending on each client's specific situation, the above curriculum is used to develop a customized training program. In most cases, the most important material can be covered within 7-10 days, with additional training provided as the Lean enterprise matures.

Additionally, the time frame over which training is given varies by each client. Some organizations prefer to receive the training up-front, while others spread it over 6-8 weeks. Gembutsu’s objective is to work with each customer to find the ideal balance between classroom training and actual implementation.

Unique Features
Gembutsu shares all training material in fully editable formats (PowerPoint, Excel, etc…) so that clients may use and modify this information to build their own production system.

Program Instructors
All Gembutsu consultants are seasoned professionals who have substantial Lean implementation and transformation experience. Before becoming part of the Gembutsu team, each of our consultants played a leadership role in their company’s Lean transformation process.

Additional Information
To learn more about our training programs, contact us by telephone, email or simply fill out the online form at the bottom the contact us page. We look forward providing your company the knowledge and education necessary to achieve operational excellence.

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