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Upcoming Lean Training Seminars and Workshops

At the present we do not have any workshops scheduled.


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The Learning objectives of our past workshops have included the following:

1. What is Lean Manufacturing and what can it do for me?
Although an increasingly common business term, lean manufacturing is sometimes misunderstood. Through case study examples, we will show what lean is, and perhaps most importantly what it is not. We will show participants the realistic expectations they can have by implementing lean, including the short-term and long-term benefits.

2. Covering the Basics: Separating the Tools from the Philosophy
Part I: Lean Philosophy
The TPS house allows us to understand the philosophy of lean at an executive level as originally developed and still used today by Toyota.

Part II: Lean Tools
We will examine some of the most commonly used tools including: 5S, 7 Wastes, Haijunka, Jikoka, Takt time and JIT.

3. What is Value Stream Mapping
As one of the most basic and commonly used of the lean tools, value stream mapping requires special attention. We will cover this tool by showing participants how to create value stream maps, what data they capture and how they are most effectively used.

4. How does Lean apply to non-manufacturing environments?
In addition to its applicability to manufacturing companies, we will show how Lean concepts can be used in a service oriented organization (for example front office, police department, hotel or healthcare institution).

5. How long will it take to see results?
We will discuss how long it takes to see visual changes on the shop floor as well as how long it takes for those changes to have a noticeable positive impact on operating income.

6. How do I get started?
We will cover some practical and simple to execute first steps that can be taken directly upon returning to work?

7. Understanding the shop floor and enterprise-wide impact: what really happens

Although it is easy to talk about Kaizen and forcing problems to the surface in a classroom setting, in reality this can cause quite a lot of discomfort on the shop floor as team members, leads and supervisors are asked to show the weaknesses of their departments or work cells. The approach that a manager takes in dealing with this uneasiness has a large impact on long-term sustainability of a Lean Production System.

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Who should attend Gembutsu Training Events?
Business leaders and managers from manufacturing or service companies who would like to learn more about Lean Manufacturing to determine if it is right for their organization. Also, managers who would like to learn how to reduce costs, dramatically drop lead-times and ultimately use this efficiency improvement as a competitive weapon should attend.



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