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Lean Manufacturing Articles and Resources

1. Presentation covering the basics of Kaizen
This Lean manufacturing presentation covers the basics of kaizen, which is a key concept in the deployment of a lean transformation. The presentation defines the Japanese word, explains the results that can be achieved with kaizen and covers the rules (yes, there are rules!) of kaizen. The last slide offers a short case study which in a few very simple sentences explains the power of kaizen and why companies like Toyota and others have had so much success with it.

2. Managing a Lean Company in an Economic Downturn
As the global economy weakens, Lean manufacturers that are experiencing sharp falls in demand may well be challenged with the need to reduce their workforce. This article discusses how to manage this process with the least amount of disruption to the Lean deployment process.

3. A Great List of Common Lean Myths
This article covers 8 common Lean myths. We hope you enjoy it.

4. What would Toyota Do? | Toyota Production System TPS
When faced with process improvement challenges, kaizen workshop leaders often ask how Toyota solves similar problems. While an honest question, in this article we discuss why lean implementers should use caution in copying Toyota outright with regards to specific solutions or tools. Instead, we argue that if companies focus on the overall underlying philosophy of the Toyota Production System (TPS), their long-term success will be better secured.

5. Toyota Production System Analogy
A common Toyota Production System technique employed when analyzing value added activities is to view individual operators as hospital “surgeons”. This article explains the philosophy behind this analogy and offers the “stand in circle” approach in helping managers begin to use it.

6. The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing: Single Piece Flow
Many of us are familiar with the common definition of lean manufacturing. This article examines the benefits that waste elimination will have on a company as it achieves single piece flow.

7. Lean Manufacturing Glossary, Definitions and Terms
Gembutsu Consulting glossary and definition of lean manufacturing, Toyota Production System (TPS) and Kaizen terminology.

8. What is Lean Manufacturing?
What is lean manufacturing, and how does it help to streamline and improve productivity and profits for your manufacturing business?

9. Why Lean?
The significance of lean manufacturing and how it can impact your business.

10. Gembutsu Workshop at Lean Manufacting Conference in Edmonton, Canada
On June 18th 2007, Gembutsu presented a 4 hour session on the roles that senior managers and other functional departments play in supporting a Lean organization? The presenters were two of the firm's Managing Partners who delivered an energetic and informative presentation.

Recommended websites:

Lean Enterprises
The Lean Enterprise Institute. is a non profit organization that publishes books, organizes workshops, conferences and conducts research on lean manufacturing topics.

Useful Lean Books
Productivity Press is the premier publisher for lean manufacturing business improvement.

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