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Lean Transformation

Lean implementation takes place on the shop floor, where customer value is created. Gembutsu kaizen workshops combine lean knowledge with actual physical changes to the value stream in order to make the flow of people, materials, equipment and information more efficient.

We structure implementation efforts around weekly gemba kaizen workshops. During these sessions, all levels of the company participate in making a change for the better in the area of focus.

The purpose of these workshops is to educate participants and show knowledge experts how to lead their own future workshops. This includes lean manufacturing training (usually on Day 1 of the workshop) as well as hands-on guidance by the Gembutsu consultant who acts as mentor, coach and teacher.

While the list below is only a general outline which is tailored to each client's unique business requirements, it illustrates the fundamental implementation steps:



Phase I

1. Develop an understanding of the business: What are the long-term goals, challenges and opportunities.

2. Develop a Current State value stream map.

3. Using lean guidelines, determine what the ideal Future State will look like.

4. Break the Ideal State into manageable weekly, quarterly and annual future state goals.

Phase II

5. Begin kaizen workshops to accomplish these goals and apply Lean philosophy and tools to these areas of focus.

6. Review and refine future state goals frequently to ensure long-term success.



By far, the simpler of the two, phase I can most often be accomplished in a single week. Phase II is the trickier part, requiring hours of individual and team effort from all level of the organization. A company's success in achieving its lean goals and the frequency of Gembutsu workshops are directly related to the efforts made each week in phase II.

To discuss Gembutsu's implementation approach to your specific business, contact us by email or telephone (+1.206.701.9206).

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Kaizen Activities result in:


• Reduced floor space
• Lead-time reduction
• Increase in quality
• WIP Reduction
• Finished Goods Reduction

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